A message from Priscilla Turgon, Founder and Executive Director:

“We embraced a new challenge – to address the root causes of a crime epidemic in Wilmington, Delaware.”

From 1984 to 2013, as President of Professional Staffing Associates, Inc., my organization provided a business training program that we created to assist unemployed and under-employed individuals secure employment. Over the years, my talented, dedicated, professional team assisted approximately 2,000 individuals obtain and sustain good jobs. 

In July 2013, we made the decision to embrace a new challenge and become a catalyst for change in providing a solution to address the poverty, stressed families and high educational dropout rates contributing to violent crime in Delaware. To accomplish this, Project New Start, Inc. was established as a non-profit entity and the New Start reentry program was created to guide individuals transitioning out of state and federal institutions in their personal and professional development. The New Start program equips participants with the skills to successfully re-enter the workforce, contribute positively to their families and communities, and transform themselves into ex-offenders.

Our Work is Making an Impact:

1. Ex-offenders graduating from the New Start program are successfully transitioning back to their families, employment, and communities as demonstrated by a 92% placement rate for program graduates.

2. Recidivism is being reduced. At the cost of $36,232 per year to house an inmate in Delaware’s prisons, program graduates through June 2016 who are sustaining success are saving the State of Delaware $1,050,728 per year.

3. Program graduates have developed a renewed sense of self-esteem and commitment to positive change and are now contributing, tax-paying citizens.

Project New Start's Agency Code is 13081
We are a Designated Write-In Agency​