The New Start program was created to address the lack of economic opportunities, poverty, stressed families, and high educational dropout rates that contribute to violent crime. 

New Start guides individuals transitioning out of state and federal institutions in their personal and professional development and equips them with the skills to contribute positively to their families and communities, successfully re-enter the workforce, and transform themselves into ex-offenders.

New Start is an 11 week program that operates Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm for a total of 375.0 classroom training hours. Following graduation, each participant receives individualized job search assistance until employment is secured. Individuals are referred to the program by State and Federal probation officers, correctional institution case managers, and the work release centers.  
Our work is having an impact and recidivism is being reduced.

From October 2013 through June 2016:
  • 60 individuals have been enrolled in the New Start program
  • 37 have graduated; 34 have secured employment (92% of program graduates)
  • 85% are sustaining success on the job and have not violated their probation or been rearrested
  • At the cost of $36,232 per year to house an inmate in Delaware's prisons, these successful graduates are saving the State of Delaware $1,050,728 per year 50 individuals have been enrolled in the New Start program

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