Testimonials to our work from graduates and partners:

        The following is a YouTube video by Michael D'Aguiar, a federal ex-offender, 
        who attends every New Start graduation and mentors our participants.

“I used to love the streets and never considered working. The program was a great opportunity for us because as felons we have a very hard time finding people willing to give us a second chance.” 

“This program has changed my life, and sent me on an emotional trajectory. I will never forget it…or you.” 

“I can be a hard person to get along with, but you help me to see the real me and to focus on the most important things.” 

“I believe in what you’re attempting to accomplish. Don’t forget to save space for my probationers for your next class.”  
-State Probation Officer

“We're all about results...your team does outstanding work and makes a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.” 
-Federal Probation Officer  

is not about
the car you drive...
it's about the place
you're going

It's not about
how you look...
it's about how you see yourself

It's not about
who you know...
it's about
who you are

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